The struggle is real

Isa talaga akong left handed until I reached the age of 1. Forced to use my left hand, it was really a struggle holding things especially spoon and fork. I thought my struggle was finished until I started writing at the age of 3. It was really tough! I can’t even make a straight line with my right hand. Resulting to ————-> Dysgraphia. dys (“impaired”) and graphia (“making letter forms by hand”).   I am always wondering what is the right term in this condition. My penmanship was completely destroyed to the point that my teacher wrote a letter to my parents saying that my penmanship is chickenography -.- ” kinahig ng manok”. I was teased and so discouraged to write especially on my formal theme na hindi na maintindihan ng teachers yung thoughts ko because of my penmanships.

This is why I created this blog. To express myself not by writing through a pen and a piece of paper, but with the use of my keyboard.  Haha playing safe 🙂